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Eric, Owner: Eric opened Riderz Inc. in 2005 for his love of motorcycles. In 2001, Eric completed his Associates of Applied Science, as well as, obtaining an ASE and STG Certification. He was employed at car dealerships for several years, but saw a need to give the public an alternative to high-priced dealerships and more personal service. Eric has 18 years of experience diagnosing, repairing and customizing in the automotive and motorcycle industries.

Since he was a young boy, Eric has had an interest and a passion for mechanics. With many years of experience, he has a complete knowledge of your motorcycle. Personally testing the products, he can recommend quality parts and accessories for your motorcycle. Eric not only rides, but races too! He has competed in Motocross, professional stunt competitions, and enduro racing. When not managing the shop, Eric enjoys riding his dirt bike or motorcycle, in addition to spending time with family and friends, jetskiing and kayaking.

Samson & Brutus

Samson (left) & Brutus (right), Shop Mascots: Samson & Brutus are brothers and came to Riderz Inc. at 8 weeks old. Samson is really fast and loves to jump and use his paws, he's also a cuddlebug. Brutus is a tough pup, he doesn't take no for an answer and would play all day long if he could. They are both happy to spend their days working at Riderz Inc.


Rest in Peace... Ratchet, Shop Mascot (2007-2015): When Ratchet came to Riderz Inc. as a 6-week old Boxer pup, he worked as hard as Eric, keeping the treats, toys and customers in check. He loved the sound of any motorcycle and would keep up with you in the dirt topping out at 35 mph; jumping, ripping berms and roosting anyone behind him. Ratchet passed away at 8 years old from a heart condition, but was loved unconditionally until his last moments.